TSM - Trusted Solutions

TSM Corporation (TSM) is a training, engineering, and logistics company with nearly four decades of experience supporting challenging and critical U.S. Government requirements. We are a customer and employee first organization and we are proud of our rich history of dedicated service.

Our Vision. Our Mission.

TSM Vision

TSM Corporation - a brand name, a "go to" company - able to quickly assemble and efficiently execute diverse projects at a fair price. A leader, both in business and in the community, we develop robust customer and partner relationships resulting in a team of professionals working together to satisfy our customers' most challenging requirements.

TSM Mission

To be a responsive and responsible leader for our stakeholders. For our dedicated customers, we provide products and services that bring meaningful value at a fair price. Our goal is to exceed every customer expectation. We provide our talented employees a workplace that is engaging, dynamic, and challenging. Challenges lead to innovation and that is what our customers deserve. * We give our business partners a teammate who is completely committed, both to our mutual endeavors and to the integrity and strength of our team. Our core competencies – training, engineering, and logistics – broadly define what we do, but trust, integrity, and discretion will always define how we do it.

The Proven Source for Trusted Solutions

Your critical and challenging mission requires support from a proven partner, TSM - contact us today.