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Financial Management

TSM Corporation provides the highest caliber professionals to support all phases of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution cycle. Our team of experienced, tested professionals is available to assist clients in developing compliant financial processes and implementing state-of-art funds management, fiduciary reporting and resources allocation procedures. TSM experts provide immediate value to any government financial project and are available to support your Business Systems transformation needs, including process support and problem resolution.


Financial Management and Analysis
TSM’s team of skilled experts provides professional staff support, operational training and on-site mentoring to meet the full spectrum of your financial management needs. If you are encountering human capital challenges or knowledge gaps due to unplanned demands, or other transformation initiatives, our team of subject matter experts will augment your staff to help you meet your surge requirements until “steady state” operations are achieved.

Services include:

  • Resource Management and Allocation
  • Budget Development (Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-11)
  • Funds Analysis, Execution and Reporting
  • Cost Estimating and Economic Analysis

Financial Systems Support
TSM provides the highest caliber professionals to support Federal agencies in implementing their Business Transformation strategies. Whether your requirements consist of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation or the application of commercial software or other tools to achieve program efficiency and improvement, TSM professionals are available to provide front-end analysis, process support and problem resolution.

Services include:

  • ERP Conversion and Data Cleansing
  • BudgetBuilder, FastData and Defense Travel System (DTS) Support
  • Military Personnel Systems Transformation
  • Reserve Personnel Systems Support

Accounting Services Support
TSM’s teams of subject matter experts are available to support financial improvement initiatives and assist government agencies in developing compliant processes and auditable financial statements and reports. Our team of knowledgeable experts will work with you in your financial remediation and reconciliation efforts and guide you in the development of effective internal controls that meet OMB Circular A-123 guidelines. We are also able to help our clients evaluate their existing practices and assist them in identifying alternative solutions which support their unique financial management needs.

Services include:

  • Financial Improvement Program Support
  • Financial Reconciliation/Reporting
  • Improper Payments/Intra-governmental Eliminations
  • Special Studies and Analysis for Financial Management


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