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Test & Evaluation

Test EvaluationTSM manages and conducts Test and Evaluation (T&E) tasks to ensure compliance with design objectives and to evaluate integration compatibility and supportability prior to system introduction to the operating forces. A T&E master plan guides the overall process. Identification of emergent/existing T&E problems allows evaluation and proposal of corrective actions, minimizing cost/schedule impact.

The master plan typically includes:

  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Subsystem testing and certifications
  • System acceptance and testing
  • Pre- and post-installation tests

TSM, as an Integrated Product Team member, develops test procedures through review and evaluation of:

  • T&E master plan
  • Design certification test plan
  • Test requirement specification
  • System test outline
  • Associated system- and subsystem-level test procedures

Test conduct participation and reporting includes:

  • Test procedure validation
  • Test monitoring and conduct
  • Event reconstruction
  • Test data analysis

Support for T&E of systems with integrated electronic systems also includes:

  • Diagnostics and self-tests
  • Functional tests
  • Electrical tests
  • Ground and grounding system tests
  • Cold start
  • Software backup

Testing is conducted at out-source facilities, including operating forces, training facilities, etc. Environmental stress screening is monitored, and test results evaluated, for design specifications, safety requirements, and quality control compliance.

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