Who We Are

Corporate Experience

In June 2016, TSM Corporation was acquired by Xator Corporation. Xator Corporation is a trusted provider of mission-focused C4ISR solutions addressing National Security & Intelligence, Tactical Intelligence, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Training for U.S. Government clients at home and abroad. For more information on Xator, visit www.xatorcorp.com.

TSM is a preferred provider of products and services supporting the training, engineering, and logistics needs of a wide range of U.S. Government customers. The following projects highlight our deep customer commitment to their critical mission:

  • Since 2008, our sensitive Government customers have come to rely on the operational capabilities of our highly specialized instructors and subject matter experts. Our tailored training systems and purpose-built facilities focus on technology aided operations, scenario-based practical exercises, and cyber defense training and support.
  • Since 2007 and 2010, respectively, our tactical operations instructors have provided Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) and Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training to sensitive Government customers.
  • Since 2007, we have provided non-tactical vehicle, and more recently light tactical/internally transportable vehicle, maintenance services to Special Operations and USMC customers.
  • Since 2007, we have supported the DoD Acquisition community with the longest running Leadership development series of seminars, the “Acquisition Leadership Challenge Program” (ALCP), with over 10,000 acquisition professionals benefiting from our training.
  • Since 1993, we have supported the integrated logistics needs of the Trident Submarine Program, to include modernization advanced installation support, configuration management, and training analyses.
  • Since 1982, our team has provided aviation customers a wide range of support, to include development of interactive technical manuals, pilot/crew/maintenance training, computer-based training, and aircraft maintenance services. Over the past four decades we have supported SH-60B, UH-60, AH-1/W, EP‑3E, CH-46/E, F/A-18/A/C/D, F-5, AH-1W, UH-1N, F/A-18, C-20D/G, C-40, UC-35, C-37, C-12, CH/MH-53/E, P-3C, AV‑8B, MV-22, and C/KC/HC-130/T/J platforms.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

  • Nearly four decades of experience providing our customers’ product and service solutions that bring meaningful value at a fair price.
  • Our team of dedicated, highly skilled personnel always exceed expectations. We continuously challenge our team; challenges lead to innovation and that is what our customers deserve.
  • We expose our customers to the critical capabilities of our large, trusted, and proven partner network. We treat our customers, employees, and partners with integrity, trust, and respect and that leads to productive, long-lasting partnerships.

Core Competencies