What We Do

Training Support

Scenario-based Training for DoD/SOF, Interagency, and Federal Law Enforcement

  • Cyber Security – Electronic Information Security
  • Physical/Technical Surveillance – Counter-Surveillance – Counter Foreign Intelligence – Signature Reduction – Identity Management (IdM)
  • Precision Geo-Location (PGL) – Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (TTL) – Technical Audio and Video
  • Digital Forensics – Counter-Forensics – Digital Fieldcraft
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) – Method of Entry (MoE) – Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)
  • HUMINT – SIGINT – Special Communications – Electronic Warfare
  • Computer/Web-based Training (C/WBT)
  • Mission Rehearsal and Operational Readiness Exercise Support

Our customers receive highly relevant training that is useful today, not someday. From Instructional System Design (ISD) and Curriculum Development to highly realistic scenario-based training, exercise support, and Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) level 2 – 3+ C/WBT development, our training experts always exceed our customers’ critical need for innovative training solutions. At our customers’ disposal are 41,000sf of purpose-built training facilities and training infrastructure to support classroom- / scenario-based training, exercise, and mobile training team support.

Leadership and Human Performance / Behavior Training

Leadership Challenge Program

  • Focus on experiential activities, goal setting, coaching, and mentoring
  • Interrelationships of Emotional Intelligence (EI) through industry tools / instruments
  • Leadership training continuum – new employees, new supervisors, division leaders, and senior managers

Human Performance

  • Decision making
  • Team optimization
  • Diversity
  • Leading in ambiguity
  • Building coalitions
  • Leadership vision

Human Behavior

  • Identification of psychological and physiological stress responses
  • Behavior dynamics
  • Deception
  • Micro-expression detection and identification

Classes are available through the TSM GSA 00CORP Schedule.

Visit the Leadership Foundry at leadershipfoundry.com

SERE, Small Craft / Riverine and Aircraft Training

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Training

  • Evasion training
  • Field training – in / outside of the classroom technical training
  • Resistance training through realistic, scenario-based role playing
  • Prepare and maintain Programs of Instruction (POIs), lesson plans, and training aids

Small Craft / Riverine Training

  • Mobilization coordination
  • Training analysis, instruction support, engineering, and development for operational and logistical field requirements – engine, hull, navigation, communications, and weapon systems

Aircraft Training

  • Pilot and aircrew training for essential personnel – ground turn operator, flight engineer, loadmaster
  • Maintenance training for critical systems and equipment – avionics, electrical, fundamentals, power plants, airframes, and pneumatics

Engineering and Logistics Support

Submarine Modernization Installation and Engineering Support

  • Integrated life-cycle and in-service support for submarine procurement and life-cycle management programs
  • Deep experience spanning more than two decades supporting the TRIDENT Submarine strategic weapons program
  • Strategic and combat systems integrated logistics, configuration management, modernization advanced installation support, and training analyses
  • Surface warfare support: Tomahawk planning, resourcing, and execution
  • OHIO and OHIO Replacement Support, including training and crew proficiency sustainment analysis; manpower and training advisory committee (MTAC) charter support; and crew training analyses completed during new construction to refine anticipated MILCON requirements

Logistics / Weapon System Support

  • Military Manpower Analysis
  • Design, develop, test, and evaluate depot support systems
  • Engineering Studies and Assessments
  • Munitions Support / Modernization
  • Ammunition Center / Plant Support
  • Installation and support of equipment, operational prototypes, and supply / shipping facilities at crucial ammunition depots / centers
  • Engineering analyses and assessments essential for modernizing, tracking, and ensuring safety for ammunition storage and shipping depots
  • Continuous Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma) training and implementation
  • Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Support
  • Specialized Equipment Procurement, Configuration, and Evaluation

Aircraft Maintenance / Aviation Support

  • Logistics support
  • Aircraft operation and maintenance / engineering analysis
  • Organization/Intermediate (O/I) level maintenance and maintenance studies
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS) aircraft maintenance and logistics support
  • Advanced fixed and rotary-wing platforms including C-130J, MV-22, F-35, C-40, F-5, and others

Vehicle / Maintenance Support

  • Full lifecycle vehicle maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services for Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV), Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV) and Special Operations Families of Vehicles
  • End-to-end scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and logistics support including staging, kitting, and supply; training; technical / training material management; storage and management of critical spare parts, equipment, and tools; and Field Service Representative (FSR) support